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I'd take the beauty of my chaos over ugly perfection. My name is Ally, I'm 19 and I have no fucking clue who I am. |Ontario, Canada | Shy, but always friendly. Drop me an ask :)
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    This is how my parents kind of are, like, besides all the God talk…
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    Nothing but respect for you.
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    What are these parents address. The absolute ignorance and hatred for their own child drives me to such anger that I...
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    I got so mad at this. I am so sick of all of the ignorance in the world.
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    Very sad, but such a strong person.
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    Feel for this girl. She’s tough, idk of I’ll ever get to have a talk with my parents about being gay. Mad respect!
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    I feel like I have had these conversations word for word about being gay with my parents. The pain of having your own...
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    How could such a wonderful person come from such awful people?
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    you’re an amazing young man i’m so sorry your parents can’t see that
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